what is it ?

Secret Garden enables you to collect and display all the data related to your garden. It is also a convenient tool to pilot it by means of a user friendly interface.


You have just to connect the card to the Internet and Secret Garden will do the rest


Secret Garden is an Open source and an Open hardware as it is based on Arduino cards (Yùn). So, you can find all source codes and schematics on the blog.

what it can do ?

jauge de visualisation

Viewing of the constants of your garden

At a glance, you can check temperature, humidity and lots of more parameters by means of intuitive dials


Check and adjust light and the watering cycles

Whenever you want, you can adjust cycles, to give your plants the best conditions of growing


Have a look at the whole data in a set of graphs

Owing to a set of graphs, you can visualize all the data your card has collected

jardin qui tweet

Daily report on Twitter

Everyday, you will be kept informed on the health status of your garden

jardin sécurisé

A secure garden

Secret Garden will alert you, in real time, whether a trouble occurs in your garden that will be immediately switched to secure mode.

disponible sur mobile

Secret Garden on your smarthphone

The responsive design of Secret Garden, enables it being also available on smartphones and touchpads.


DIY arduino

DIY : Setting and configuration tutorial of the Secret Garden's control board

Hi everybody ! In this tutorial i will show you how to set and configure the Secret Garden's remote control.

DIY objet connecter

DIY : make a LED grow light

hi everybody ! this time i will show you how to make a LED growlight for your garden.